This month Cloudbreak Health announced the nationwide release of MarttiNext – the most advanced version of Martti ever. MarttiNext is built on a new architecture and delivers enhanced HD video, multi-party calling, a sleek user interface, and some sought-after features for users.

The Martti team has spent a long time developing the next generation of our flagship language access software. With MarttiNext, we’ve incorporated the best practices in user experience design, along with input from our very own users. Some of the updates will be obvious and others will be more subtle, but we wanted to highlight a few of the elements that will really improve the experience for our users:

  • Call handling: MarttiNext’s call routing engine enables resources on demand, allowing a telemedicine call to bring in an interpreter or an additional resource such as a family member or remote caregiver to be added to a video medical interpretation. These calls can be cross-platform, utilizing MarttiNext’s video interoperability engine.
  • Enhanced support for HD video: MarttiNext is designed to work with the latest hardware in providing a high definition video experience. This is especially important for ensuring that patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing can interact with an ASL interpreter with clear video and minimal lag.
  • Expanded reporting capabilities: A newly updated code base will allow us to expand our analytics and reporting capabilities. We’ve heard from several of our users who increasingly want to visualize and manipulate their data.
  • In-demand features: MarttiNext delivers a streamlined interface and provides new features like an interactive whiteboard for iPad users. With a focus on simplicity, we think the expanded features and improved design will make Martti even more intuitive than before.

Hundreds of Martti customers have already made the switch and upgraded to MarttiNext. Fortunately, the process is easy. Hardware and software running the previous version of Martti will generally support MarttiNext. In some cases, a few adjustments to network settings will be necessary, but the Martti team has resources available to guide that process. And we’ve created a series of training and reference materials to ensure that upgrading to MarttiNext will be a breeze.

The future of video medical interpretation is here, and its name is MarttiNext.