November, 2020Cloudbreak Health is proud to partner with Amazon Web Services to continue building their Cloud solutions. Cloudbreak revolutionized patient and provider communication with the introduction of video remote interpreting (VRI), establishing Cloudbreak as a leader in telehealth technology. Committed to overcoming healthcare disparities and bringing language access to the point of care, Cloudbreak Health seamlessly integrates their language access solution, Martti, into a host of platforms including Epic, Zoom, and Caregility. Performing more than one million minutes of telemedicine consultation each month on over 15,000 video endpoints at 1800+ healthcare locations nationwide, Cloudbreak Telehealth simplifies how providers care for patients, putting a full care continuum at their fingertips 24/7. 

Cloudbreak continues to innovate with Cloudbreak Telehealth Solutions, including telepsychiatry, telestroke, telequarantine, remote patient monitoring and other specialties. In the expansion of their services, Cloudbreak plans to utilize Amazon Web Services for their existing workloads as well as for all new application development. 

Why AWS cloud platform?

Cloudbreak chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to kickstart the project for its powerful capabilities and performance. AWS was the most cost-effective solution on the market that met Cloudbreak’s high quality standards, including automated deployments, comprehensive monitoring, and unsurpassed security. Cloudbreak is able to build a scalable, redundant, and geo aware solution that meets all HIPAA requirements. In the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services, AWS is identified as the clear leader for the breadth of its AI portfolio and distinguishes itself with the comprehensiveness of its cloud AI and ML environments. AWS is recognized around the world for reliability, performance, and its powerful capabilities. Garter Research notes this with the highest score in both axes of measurement: “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision”. 

“With our business rapidly growing across the nation to meet the pressures of the pandemic, it is more critical than ever that we deliver impeccable service 24/7 alongside our healthcare partners. AWS allows us to build a HIPAA compliant, scalable solution that helps us continue to provide our partners with excellent service.”

– Nashina Asaria, Chief Product Officer, Cloudbreak Health

Evaluation of AWS Architecture

As part of their exploration of AWS’ capabilities and fit, Cloudbreak conducted a review of the application architecture for their workloads. Based on this review and discussions with AWS solutions architects, Cloudbreak has documented a proposed architectural approach for deploying workloads on AWS, including the infrastructure as code framework to be used (i.e. CloudFormation, Terraform), the CICD workflow to be used (i.e. AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins), and reference architectures for Cloudbreak workloads (i.e EC2-based Auto Scaling Groups, ECS clusters, Lambda). 

Cloudbreak will also ensure that AWS best practices are followed in account setup and governance.  These recommendations will take into account multi-account setup, different development environments needed by Cloudbreak, as well as security requirements to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Productivity Gains Lead to Rapid Deployment on AWS

Cloudbreak will use AWS computing (EC2, ELB, ECS) and storage services (S3, RDS) to expedite its product development. To ensure security and access control, Cloudbreak will leverage AWS IAM policies, and advanced monitoring services such as GuardDuty, Shield, Security Hub and Cloudwatch. For networking and content delivery, Cloudbreak will leverage AWS Cloudfront, Route53, API Gateway, while leveraging advanced AI/ML services such as Amazon Rekognition, Transcribe Medical and Comprehend Medical. Lastly, Cloudbreak will integrate with Amazon Chime and Amazon Connect AV services.