On Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 1:00​pm-2:00pm ET, The Galien Foundation hosted a webinar on “Data Governance in a Converging World: Public & Private Sector Approaches to the Management of Emerging Health Technologies.” It was the third session in a newly launched monthly Digital Health Webinar series exploring the ways digital technologies are reshaping approaches to healthcare.

Moderated by Gil Bashe, Managing Partner, Global Health of Finn Partners, the conversation featured leading experts from industry, science, and the global research community, including Jamey Edwards, CEO, Cloudbreak Health; Jessica Federer, Managing Director, Huma, and Former Chief Digital Officer, Bayer; Michelle Hoiseth, Chief Data Officer & Corporate Vice President, Medical and Scientific Services, Parexel International; Dr. Amir Kalali, MD, Co-Chair, Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance; and Dr. Sadiqa Mahmood, DDS, General Manager & SVP, Life Sciences Business, Health Catalyst.

Panelists highlighted the complexity of “how to source, secure and share data” in healthcare and the opportunities and challenges exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic; the value of data as the “new Bitcoin”; the tensions around patient privacy, portability, public health, and policy; the need for governance to enable integrated approaches and interoperability at both local and global levels; the importance of patient engagement; and lessons to be applied from the way standards and protocols in other sectors support data access, sharing and ownership, citing credit cards and credit ratings in the financial sector.

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