In this Symposium, hear about: 

  • The impact of women leaders in healthcare
  • The panelists’ personal journeys as women leaders
    • Panelists include: Dr. Rashia Willard; DeAnna L. Minus-Vincent, MPA; Jill S. Anderson, MBA, MBB, PMP; Jennifer Rule; Porsha Addison Trisdorfer, MFA; N. Chineye (Chi) Anako, MPH, CHES; Nashina Asaria.
  • How we can each take intentional steps toward the important mission of promoting more women leaders

Symposium highlights: 

My journey was a bit of a winding road…My most significant challenge in my career (there have been several, of course, being a Black woman) is just getting the opportunity. I had some leadership roles prior to the company I am with today and when I wanted to step out of the world I was in, into a leadership role I had to apply five times before finally someone gave me a shot. I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful to be managed by successful women but also to be mentored by them. If I can support someone in their career I will, I don’t want them to stay stagnant. The biggest factor I faced in terms of being successful is perseverance, just keep going. One of the things I’ve learned through all of those times that I didn’t get the job is that people aren’t just looking at you when you get the promotion—they are looking at you when you don’t. 

Porsha Addison Trisdorfer, MFA
Director, International Services
ECFMG- A Member of Intealth

I was born and raised in Africa, in the country of Kenya, in a city called Nairobi. And I think growing up in a financially constrained environment, I was much more aware of financial constraints versus being a woman. It was about, “How do I get educated?” The reality of growing up in Kenya was that girls were not given all the opportunities that boys were. It was just a cultural mindset that was prevalent, but I was born into a family that was very entrepreneurial. So, I learned how to hustle. To get educated, I looked for scholarships and that put me on the scholarship track. Which led me to the London School of Economics for university, and that’s when I started to really understand the dynamic of “where would I go in terms of work and career” and “what were the opportunities for women of color in the UK and across the globe” …I quickly learned to recruit mentors who could really teach me about their journeys. 

Nashina Asaria
Chief Product & Marketing Officer
UpHealth Inc