Martti Joins AHA

“Language access is critical to equitable healthcare. To ensure all individuals have an opportunity to reach their full health potential, it is imperative that we consider cultural and linguistic barriers. This requires purposeful intention, and this membership will allow Martti to continue leading the charge of empowering health systems to provide equitable access to inclusive care for diverse populations.” 

Daniel Sanchez, Director, Diversity, Inclusion, & Health Equity, Martti an UpHealth Solution

It’s no secret that at Martti, we’re mission-driven in our commitment to promoting health equity and mitigating disparities. And we have big news: we’ve joined the American Hospital Association (AHA), which empowers us with a seat at the table, not just to learn and absorb, but to share how we are #reshapinghealthcare.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the largest healthcare organization in the nation, ranking highest for influence and efficacy of advocacy. Of the 6,091 hospitals in the US, nearly 5,000 are members of the AHA*, representing over 80% of health systems, networks, and providers, with a significant impact on health policy and legislation.


Here at Martti, we are proud to announce our AHA membership and we look forward to leveraging opportunities to connect with stakeholders and influencers at health systems nationwide in our continued dedication to reshaping healthcare with new models of equitable access to inclusive care for diverse and marginalized populations.

AHA Launches Health Equity Programs

Our AHA membership comes at a pivotal moment, as the American Health Association (AHA) just announced the launch of its Health Equity Roadmap. The program is designed to assist hospitals and health systems in becoming more equitable and inclusive. The program includes a Health Equity Transformation Assessment as well as resources like the Transformation Action Planner to help organizations make meaningful, measurable change.

In addition to the new roadmap, the AHA debuted its Health Equity Action Library (HEAL). The library features resources that help promote diversity to the executive level, demonstrate how to foster culturally appropriate patient care, and even discuss the importance of our shared accountability for equity and inclusion. The hub provides a wealth of free resources from blog posts to formal research to examples of other organizations’ DEI efforts.

“Improving DEI is becoming an increasingly important component of healthcare delivery. By understanding how DEI affects both employees and patients, healthcare organizations can improve workplace culture while providing better care. Ensuring DEI efforts are in place and effective will help healthcare organizations improve communication, increase patient satisfaction, and ultimately deliver higher-quality care.”

How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Influence Healthcare, by Jordan Baker, accessed via the AHA HEAL

Visit us at the AHA Health Equity Conference

The Health Equity Roadmap and HEAL are just some of the many reasons Martti is proud to be an AHA associate member. Equity drives everything we do. We strive to develop technologies that bridge disparities in care, keeping people connected despite hurdles in language and distance. Our membership with the AHA only amplifies those efforts even further.

We’re excited to share with you our latest advancements in health equity at the AHA’s upcoming Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 10-12, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Visit us at Booth #4 to join the conversation!