The Power of Interoperability

Together we can build the future

Integrate Martti’s critical language services across your entire health system with the touch of a button. With access to our certified medical interpreters in more than 250 languages, providers can serve all their patients with the same quality of care. Martti provides reliable, secure, and compliant language services for patients who are limited English proficient, Deaf, or hard of hearing 24/7. Our seamless integrations with EHRs, telehealth, and patient experience solutions allow for an array of new capabilities. From launching native video calls directly from existing platforms to adding interpreters to virtual consultations already in progress, you can expand your reach with Martti. And by working with existing technology you’ve invested in, Martti is already where you need it to be.

Extended Care

EHR Platforms

Martti now integrates with Epic

Already connecting with your patients over your EHR platform? No problem. We can integrate there, too. Martti is now available in the Epic App Orchard, making great communication widely available, wherever you need it. Our platform seamlessly integrates with yours so that all of your resources are in one place. Add an interpreter to your ongoing consultation without breaking stride with the touch of a button. With more than 250 languages available, you can always say it right with Martti.

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Telehealth Platforms

Extend your impact by integrating language access

No matter what platform you’re using to host your telehealth calls, you can bring language access to consultations with the touch of a button. Martti’s integrated video remote interpreting (VRI) supports compliance by providing on-demand, 24/7 access to medically qualified interpreters. Our telehealth-enabled video solution allows interpreters to observe non-verbal cues during patient engagement, reducing communication errors and improving patient satisfaction, experience, leading to improved outcomes. Our technology isn’t only about compliance, it’s about the human connection. With crystal clear video you can better connect with your limited English proficient, Deaf, and hard of hearing patients.

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Patient Experience

Empower your patients with language access

The future of care hinges on patient centered strategies. By empowering patients, and helping them become more invested in their care, patients are ready for discharge, with lower readmission rates, leading to better overall outcomes. Integrating language access into your patient experience platform improves patient engagement by providing interpretation services for more phases of their inpatient care. Why is language access so critical to patient engagement? When gauging the success of patient engagement strategies, topics centering on communication make up a majority of HCAHP scores. Martti makes the difference with access to 250+ languages, 24/7.

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“Adding language interpretation services to our telehealth/virtual provider visits has greatly enhanced quality of care. In a diverse environment such as ours, this integration is key to providing an added level of patient safety and protection.”

– Michelle Happer, EdD, Sytem Director of Diversity and Patient Care Civil Rights, Language Services at Lee Health System

Why Add Martti?

How integrating enhances your care
More Languages, Ensure Language Access, Language Access, and Superior Language Access icon

Superior Language Access

250+ languages available, with more than 60 available in crystal clear video

Drive Operational Efficiency icon

Drive Operational Efficiency

All your resources in one place so consultations can continue uninterrupted

Enrich Patient Engagement icon

Enrich Patient Engagement

Improve communication and patient outcomes with better, clearer communication

Ensure HIPAA Compliance icon

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Designed for the healthcare space with HIPAA compliance and patient privacy in mind

extend your investment icon

Extend Your Investment

Integrating Martti with your existing platform expands your care capabilities without adding workflows or additional devices

improve cultural competency icon

Improve Cultural Competency

Martti interpreters are trained to interpret with cultural sensitivity, improving your connection and communication with patients

Ready for any device

Take Martti wherever you go

With Martti, you can easily access our qualified interpreters on any device. Along with our seamless integrations, Martti easily functions on iPhone, iPad, or in your browser. If you already have Martti carts onsite, you can extend their capabilities with Martti Telehealth. Your bedside devices can be easily equipped with multi-party calling, telequarantine, and more functions to elevate your inpatient virtual care strategy.

Let’s Talk!

Interested in expanding your language access or adding telehealth? Drop us a note.