Bring your resources together

Everything you need at the point of care

With Martti Telehealth you can employ the power of telehealth to bring digital solutions to the bedside, empower patients, and deliver vital resources directly to the point of care. Crystal clear video consultations aren’t just for outside of the hospital. By utilizing digital solutions in the patient’s room, you can conduct consultations, bring in specialists, add a qualified medical interpreter, and even add family members or guests. Video technology overcomes time, distance, and language to deliver the care patients need, when they need it.

Power to the patient

It’s more than just care

It is important that your digital strategy doesn’t just cater to patient care, but also to patient empowerment. The future is dedicated to patient-centered care, and by catering to patient experience you ensure faster patient discharge, lower readmission rates, higher HCAHP scores, and improved outcomes. Empowered patients are more invested in their care, and it’s easy to empower patients with bedside technology that helps them stay connected to friends 
and family.

Everything in one place

The Martti Telehealth platform is easy to learn and easy to use, with all of your resources available on the home page. Begin a patient consult, confer with your team, launch telequarantine, or bring in a specialist, all with the touch of a button. Already integrated with our language access solution you can quickly and easily reach an interpreter, or add one to an ongoing consultation. Martti Telehealth keeps your team connected and safe.

Reducing provider burden

Technology that helps, not hinders

We believe technology should make your work easier, so we built
a platform that’s simple to learn and easily fits into your existing workflows. Martti Telehealth improves operational efficiency and reduces care team burnout by connecting your team instantly and safely. Keeping you organized and connected, Martti Telehealth
puts all your resources in one place so that your consultation can
continue uninterrupted.

The Martti difference

Why telehealth at the bedside makes an impact
Drive Operational Efficiency icon

Drive Operational Efficiency

All your resources in one place so consultations can continue uninterrupted

Increase Patient Engagement, Improve Quality & Safety, and Better Outcomes icon

Improve Quality & Safety

Telequarantine available with the touch of a button to protect patients and staff

More Languages, Ensure Language Access, Language Access, and Superior Language Access icon

Ensure Language Access

250+ languages available, with more than 60 available in crystal clear video

Reduce Care Team Burden icon

Reduce Care Team Burden

Connect with your team instantly and safely in a single place, bringing in specialists and resources

Ensure HIPAA Compliance icon

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Designed for the healthcare space with HIPAA compliance and patient privacy in mind

Enrich Patient Engagement icon

Enrich Patient Engagement

Bedside technology with patient-centered resources keeps patients engaged and improves communication

“Martti helped us keep our interpreters, providers and patients safe, while saving 40-50 sets of PPE a week during COVID-19 peaks.”

– Evan Lee-Ferrand, Medical Interpreter Supervisor for VCU Health, Richmond, VA

Safety and security

Protect your staff and conserve PPE

Bedside solutions allow you to immediately transition a patient’s room to telequarantine at the touch of a button. Martti Telehealth keeps your patients and staff safe by reducing in-person interactions and risk of exposure, all while maintaining comforting, human care. Reduced contact also means you can conserve precious PPE when times are uncertain. Adopting these solutions into daily clinical workflows makes care more accessible, flexible, and scalable for patients, family members, and care teams. At the center of care is our need to connect. Martti Telehealth helps you do that.

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