Document translation made easy

Translated documents with quick turnaround in an easy-to-use portal

Patient-centered Communication

Get translated documents on demand

The individuals you’re caring for need information in their preferred language, and many documents aren’t available in languages other than English. Enter Martti Translation.

Leveraging both machine translation and experienced, certified human translators, Martti Translation ensures that your message is clear and contextually accurate. With quick turnaround time for critical notes, your care teams and community members get the documents they need, when they need them, in their preferred language. Improve workflows and communication, bridge language barriers, and establish confidence with Martti Translation services.

How it works

Simple portal, excellent service

Martti Translation follows a quick, easy process: 

  • Create your Martti Translation portal account
  • Upload your document for translation
  • Receive a quote in moments, then approve it
  • Download your completed translation when it’s ready

It’s as easy as that. Once you approve, our team begins your high-quality translation with quality assurance built in to every translation. When complete your document will be in your portal, available for immediate download.

Our secure, private portal is HIPAA-compliant. You can be confident that sensitive information is protected when translating insurance paperwork, care team notes, discharge instructions, and other confidential information.

Martti Makes the Difference

You get reliable document translation for any need across your health system, including:
  • Patient discharge paperwork
  • Medication and treatment instructions
  • Appointment notes
  • Billing and insurance information
  • Marketing and community outreach materials

Meet all your language access needs in one place with Martti.

Why Martti Translation?

Deliver Better Health Outcomes and Improve Communication with Your Community

Simplify the Process

Gain access to a simple, intuitive portal that your team can learn to use in minutes

Advance Health Equity

Provide equitable care for Deaf, hard of hearing, and limited English proficient individuals

Improve Outcomes

Reduce risk and improve satisfaction with clearer communication and more compassionate care

Trust Quality Assurance

Every Martti Translation is reviewed by our Quality Assurance team so you can be confident your documents are accurate and reliable

Your custom portal

One centralized location for all your document translations

The Martti Translation portal platform allows you and your care team members to manage all translation jobs in one place. See what’s in the works, download completed documents, and get automated email notifications to keep you posted on progress. After completing the quick first-time setup, simply bookmark the portal for future translation jobs. 

Get it right the first time

Communication is the # 1 diagnostic tool for providers

At Martti, our technologies focus on one simple goal – connecting people. Effective communication is critical to the safety and quality of care for your community. Whether you’re in a healthcare or educational setting, Martti Translation helps you connect, communicate, and provide excellent care to limited English proficient, Deaf, and hard of hearing individuals. Martti Translation is a simple solution with big impact.

Let’s Talk!

Interested in expanding your language access or adding telehealth? Drop us a note.

Frequently asked questions


How do I create an account for the Martti Translation portal?

Email to request an account. A Martti by UpHealth team member will help you establish your account.

I already created an account. How do I access my Martti Translation portal?

Reference the email you received and log in with the credentials you were provided. If you can’t find the email or your credentials, contact or your Partner Success Manager for assistance.

I forgot my password. How do I change my password?

Contact your Partner Success Manager to reset your password.


What is the translation process?

First, contact us at to establish your Martti Translation portal access. Next, upload your document to the portal, and you’ll be notified soon with a quote. Then, approve your quote and we’ll get to work on translating your document. 

Watch for an email letting you know that your document is translated and ready for download in the portal.

How do I send you the document I need translated?

After  you set up your secure portal access, you can easily upload your document to the portal. Once the job is complete, you’ll be notified that your translated document will be available for download in the portal.

How many languages do you translate?

We offer translation in over 100 languages, and we are typically able to accommodate any translation request.

How long does it take to complete my translation job?

Most document translations are completed within a few business days. Your estimated time of completion will be included in your quote.


How are translator qualifications evaluated?

All translators adhere to industry best practices of quality, competence, and code of ethics. Additionally, each translator:

  • Demonstrates exceptional experience and training as a professional translator
  • Has extensive translation experience in healthcare with a well developed library of specialized terminology
  • Complies and adheres to Martti’s rigorous quality control programming to ensure accuracy and completeness of all translations upon delivery
How do you safeguard protected health information (PHI)?

All of your documents and data are protected under HIPAA and every step of the translation process meets U.S. security and privacy standards. Our partner translators access your documents through a secure portal.

How can I share feedback about my experience?

We value your comments and always want to hear about your experiences with Martti Translation. You can provide feedback any time by contacting your Partner Success Manager or


Is there a fee or subscription to create an account?

No, there are no setup fees or subscriptions associated with your online portal account. We only charge for the translation quotes you approve.

How much does each translation cost?

It depends on the length of your document. After you upload your document for translation, you’ll receive a job quote within moments. Once you approve the quote, we’ll move forward with your translation.